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Southeastern Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference

 As women and men rooted in faith, we call for justice, equality and full partnership in ministry. We are committed to Church renewal and to the transformation of a structure which uses gender rather than gifts as its criterion for ministry.

As a regional member of the Women's Ordination Conference we agree with the key goals:

Renew church governance to be inclusive, accountable and transparent
Bring about justice and equality for Catholic women
Incorporate women-centered theologies into every-day Catholicism

Our local WOC chapter meets regularly in the Philadelphia area.  All women and men are welcome to join our friendly and engaging group.  We meet to discuss, plan and pray for women’s ordination to the priesthood. For information about meetings and membership, contact .

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Witnesses for Women's Equality in Ministry, Philadelphia's new Archbishop: Nelson Perez, Mary Magdalene Award: Dr. Shannon Dee Williams, Commrnts on Feminism and It's Impact, WOC and Two United Nations Events, Book Reviews and Spiritual Reflection on Pentecost


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Regina Bannan presented a talk as part of the "CatholicToo panel at the "Call to Action" meeting in San Antonio in November. Read her talk here.