Links: a convention of faith communities and churches, gathering and inspiring Christians and individual ministers. Ministering to Godís people, we serve as equals and partners by providing pastoral and spiritual care, leading worship services, officiating at weddings, baptisms and funerals. We offer spiritual direction, lead retreats, offer healing and interfaith outreach. A Church for Our Daughters, in coalition with Catholic Organizations for Renewal The Womenís Ordination Conference website contains articles and information about WOCís history, current programs, membership, and merchandise. Marian Ronan writes on issues relating to Catholic women in the church among others. Always a good and thoughtful read. (Marian also writes for EqualwRites, look for her articles and reviews in our EqualwRites archive.) Theologian John Wijngaards maintains this internet library on womenís ordination, presenting alternative views of scripture, tradition, and the magisterium. A coalition of autonomous Catholic-rooted organizations raising a feminist voice. FutureChurch is a national coalition of parish-based Catholics who seek the full participation of all baptized Catholics in the life of the Church. Catholics Speak Out (CSO), a project of the Quixote Center, encourages reform in the Roman Catholic Church and adult responsibility for faith. In particular, the project works towards equality and justice within the Church and dialogue between the laity and hierarchy on issues of sexuality, sexual orientation and reproduction.  -  VOTF was formed in response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis.  -  a Christ-centered Catholic community reaching beyond the institutional church to be inclusive of all. - Celebrating the wholeness and holiness of lesbian,gay, bi-sexual and transgendered Catholics. - The NCR website of Phyllis Zagano, internationally acclaimed Catholic scholar and lecturer. Includes links to articles.

No Windows  -  They sing and play many acoustic instruments. They  perform some popular folk songs and many original pieces as well.

Tom and Marianne Tucker -  Tom and Marianne Tucker have been performing music together for over 25 years. In 1981 they formed Tuckers' Tales Puppet Theatre and expanded their performance styles into the visual. They also are members of "Spiced Punch", an historic music group and Marianne is proud to be part of "No Windows", a harmonious group of four women. They are available for events, festivals, concerts, parties, theaters, formal and informal events.

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